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Earth Tech Engineering

To Whom It May Concern


It is with great pleasure that we provide a reference attesting to the professional and efficient service we have received from Michael Wood and his staff at Smart Box Systems.

We have used their services on three separate occasions to date and have encountered courtesy, efficiency and enthusiasm in all our dealings with everyone from Michael through to the assistants he has installing systems on-site.

Quotations and workmanship are accurate and professional, and we would have no hesitation in recommending this company to anyone looking for an efficient, workable storage or archival system that uses space economically. We certainly will not hesitate to contact Michael again when we require further equipment for this purpose.

If you wish to discuss this reference further, please do not hesitate to contact our Administration Office Manager, Ms Joanne Burns, on 5226 4250.

Tim Hamilton
Regional Manager
Geelong and Western Victoria
Earth Tech Engineering Pty Ltd

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Heidelberg Graphic Equipment Limited.

To Whom It May Concern:

RE: - Smart Box Systems

I have no hesitation in recommending Smart Box Systems to any business which needs anything done in the archiving and storage.

About a year ago we were contacted by Smart Box Systems, (AMC Document Storage at that time), at which time we had a horrendous problem with our archives. We had run out of room in our archive room and had started using car parking space for storage. We couldn’t find any of our documents, it was generally in a mess where no one wanted to go. It seemed that our only alternative was to store our documents off-site.

Smart Box Systems convinced us that going off-site was not our only option and quoted on the full job of cleaning up the area and installing their system, cataloguing and implementing their software package to keep the system organised (all at a total cost of about two years off-site storage).

We are very happy with the system and the job they did for us. Not only can we easily find all our documents and it looks tidy and organised, they managed to fit all the documents we had into our archive room , but we still have over 40% capacity in the system for future growth.

I cannot recommend this system and the company any more highly.

I wish them success in the future.

Tom Hayes
Corporate Services
Heidelberg Graphic Equipment Limited.

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To Whom it May Concern

This is a letter of recommendation for Smart Box Systems.

For several years our Melbourne Office had been ‘archiving’ documents in the all too common manner of placing in readily purchased archive boxes (with lids) and then storing these away in unused spaces that came to be known as the storage rooms. One of these rooms was in the Office car park, the other was in the car park of another building we owned elsewhere in Melbourne. ‘Out of sight, out of mind.’ I’m sure most organisations are familiar with this approach.

The Melbourne business continued to grow and by mid 1999, management realised the inefficiency of space usage and the difficulties of finding and retrieving archived documents using the current ‘archiving’ method. An alternative was sought for , and AMC Document Storage Systems (Melbourne)(now Smart Box Systems) was chosen as the way for us to progress forward. The system promised better use of space and ease of access to all archived documents. All archive documents (or groups of documents) are entered into a computer database and are allocated an archive box location within the storage system. Finding an archived document simply requires use of logical search facilities within the database which identifies the storage location, and then retrieval from the storage facility.

In the middle of 2002 the Melbourne Office relocated to its current address, and it was decided to specially build an archive storage facility within the same building. This would give us storage expansion capabilities, and almost immediate access to archived documents. Smart Box Systems was engaged to relocate the archive storage system and all documents to the new storage facility and to expand the system storage capacity.

Smart Box Systems have been engaged several times to expand the capacity of the old and current storage system. At all times they have been prompt and efficient in carrying out these works, and the supply of additional inner storage boxes as required. Our current facility contains almost 1600 outer boxes and 6400 inner boxes, and I expect to expand this further in early 2006.

I have no hesitation in recommending the Smart Box Storage System or the Smart Box System Organisation to anyone considering a new or improved document storage or archiving facility.

Yours faithfully,

Robert Olsen
Melbourne Archive Manager

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YWCA Victoria

Dear Sam,

YWCA Victoria would like to thank Smart Box Systems for their assistance and advice in developing and implementing an organisational archives systems for us.

As you are well aware, we were holding over 120 years worth of historical and operational information. We could not access our data nor didwe know the extent of the records we held.

Smart Box Systems was able to assess our needs, recommend a viable solution (necessary for a non for profit community organisation) and undertake the work in a timely manner.

All staff were professional and considerate in their conduct, both in relation to contact with staff and clients. In addition, Smart Box Systems were able to accommodate our needs in relation to removal, sorting and implementation of our new system.

We now have a fantastic archive system that accommodates the multiple needs of the organisation’s work and one that we can easily manage ourselves.

YWCA Victoria would highly recommend Smart Box Systems as a cost effective, sustainable solution to ongoing archive and record management requirements.


Helen Sui
General Manager
Business Support Services YWCA Victoria

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Global Star Shipping Pty Ltd

Dear Michael,

It is with pleasure that I am able to provide this testimonial to your product.

As you are aware, we introduced the AMC Document Storage System in April 2001 when we moved our business from Little Collins Street to Queens Road. The attraction of the system was that it would save us considerable space and immediate access to documents which, under Customs law, we are required to retain for seven years. It also meant that we were able to dispense with expensive off-site warehousing of archive documents in less-than ideal conditions.

In the eighteen months we have managed the system, the staff have had no problem at all with archiving documentation, and retrieving it as required. We find the system very user friendly, and its structure means the storage area within the office is maintained in a safe and clean manner. Easy access to documentation not spoiled with warehouse dirt is an added bonus.

Costs to run the system are within expectations, with only occasional purchase of additional storage boxes as required. It is pleasing to note that our actual document storage costs have decreased markedly with the removal of off-site storage.

I would be pleased to demonstrate your system to a prospective client should you wish, and take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support and guidance in, firstly, introducing the system, and secondly, in maintaining it.

I have no hesitation in recommending the system to a prospective purchaser.


Stewart Garmey
Global Star Shipping Pty Ltd

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